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Holiday rental

The croft runs a beautiful self-catering cottage, Glenview which has been fully renovated, yet maintains the cosy feel of a traditional Highland home. With constant hot water, a log-burning stove, a deck to enjoy the views and direct access to the sea, it is a fabulous location to relax.

Views from The Torr.

The Croft

Shieldaig Croft, owned by Iain and Sheena Graham, is a family run business that spans some 1000 acres, rising from the sea in Badachro Bay to the top of the Torr, over to the Shieldaig Bay paddocks and up the Stalkers track to Lochan Fuar. 180,000 trees have been planted as part of a natural forest regeneneration and our fold of Highland cattle can be seen grazing thoughout the year on the paddocks by Shieldaig Lodge or the hills of the Torr.

Children's educational Books

Mairi is author of the children's books series 'What do the grown-ups do?'. Based in the local area, the stories are designed to educate young children on different jobs.


For more information, please check www.kidseducationalbooks.com or pop into our local arts and crafts shop 'Latitude 57' in Badachro.


Core to the croft is the pedigree Highland Cattle who improve the ground and represent one of the best ways to preserve our landscape. As experts at improving unproductive land, they maintain a balance of plants,  thriving on rough fodder. Their grazing enables less competitive grasses and flowers to flourish, creating a more complex vegetation structure, which greatly benefits the invertebrates, birds and animals. We graze sixteen Shieldaig Croft Highlanders on the heather hills year round.  Each year we bring in a Shorthorn bull from one of the family farms, creating X-Shorthorn/Highland calves, which are then sold back to the family farm at weaning. 




All Shieldaig croft Highlanders are Hihealth accredited.

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Glenview bookings are operated by Wester Ross Retreats.

Contact: Wendy

Wester Ross Retreats

+44 (0)1445 712 179



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